Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year! I can't believe it has been soo long!!

So I decided that with my other New Years resolutions that I would try and start my blog back up. No one probably comes here anymore but what the heck!! So a lot has happened since I last posted. My little Mikie is now 2 yrs old. I can't believe it. He is very active and quit the drama king. Oh yeah and VERY bossy!! (I wonder where he gets all of that from!)
Shortly after celebratng his 2nd birthday in November he got to attend his first ever NFL game. We took him to see the Buccaneers lose but we had a good time. This year we also got season tickets to the USF Bulls and we took him to all of those games. He had a ton of fun!
Earlier in the year we started to built a house and finally moved into it in October. I absolutly LOVE it!! Mikie has his own wing to the house. He has his bedroom, playroom and bathroom. He loves the house as well. It has a nice backyard for him to go play in so we spend a lot of time outside. Maybe we will get him a playset for his next birthday, who knows! A few months ago I also had the great joy of sending my husband on a vacation that he has been wanting to take for years!! I arranged for him and his friend (with the help of his friends girlfriend) to go to Red Bank, New Jersey and visit Jay and Silent Bob's secret stash. He was very excited and enjoyed a nice weekend away from home. I will admit I was jealous that I was not going as well but I quickly got over that. And I got to spenda a nice weekend at home bonding with my little man. Well I am interested see what 2007 brings me but I am hoping that it is nothing but joy and happiness.



Renee said...

hey, I'm checking it...just figured out how to use the link from my blog to view keep on bloggin girl!

Renee said...

ok, I keep on checking...where are you!

Renee said...

still checking up on you...*smile*

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