Monday, August 22, 2005

Drive through ATM, how does that work??

I decided I did not feel like cooking dinner tonight, we are eating fast food. Well to get that food I had to go to the ATM. Normally that is no problem, however today I got behind a redneck that I would swear has never been to ATM before. So I pull up and there is a car at the machine and a truck behind it. The car pulls away however the truck does not move. I realize the idiot from the truck has parked in the drive through lane but walked over to the ATM machine at the front of the bank. Being the nice sole that he was he took his sweet time. Finally after about 5 minutes, he got back in his car and moved out of my way so I could go about my evening. Come on people it's not that hard. The bank practically spells it out for you, DRIVE THROUGH ATM, not park and get out of your car and go to the ATM across the way. If you don't know how to use then don't go!! I think that has been enough ranting for the evening, enjoy!!

Friday, August 19, 2005


Tonight while watching football I saw a new Kellogg commercial. The one they use to show was with the guy eating the cereal that had so much crunch that he could not hear them saying he was fired. In the new commercial he has an assistant and they are both eating cereal and can't hear anything. I love it!! I think it is very funny!! I wish I had a way to make people think I was hearing them but really not be able too. I think that would make some days, like today, so much better.

Enjoy your day!!

Monday, August 15, 2005

What to do....

Every November our community has a Flapjack Festival. In the morning the soccer team from the local high school serves flapjacks and then they have a little festival similar to a carnival. They also have a Miss Flapjack contest every year. I was advised today that they also have contest for the younger crowd too. So I thought about entering baby MCG to be baby boy flapjack. How cool would that be?? The problem is that we were invited to a wedding out of state for a friend and it happens to be the same weekend as the contest. How do I decide what to do?? I would like to go to the wedding, but I would also like my little boy to be the baby boy flapjack, because I think he would win!!

What would you do??

Target is the devil....

We have a Super Target by our house and I love and hate the place. Target is the BOMB!!! However every time I go in there I can't leave without spending close to or over $100. Last week I took little MCG there and got him all kinds of goodies. He got some new big boy PJ's, a Buccaneers shirt for football season and a push and ride Hippo that has peak a blocks and it eats them. It's pretty darn cool!! He likes it and that's what matters. It looked like Christmas in our house this weekend.

Oh well that was my little rant about Target!!

Monday, August 08, 2005

I'm so excited...

If you couldn't tell, it's football season!!! I love football and can't wait for those hot, yet exciting Sunday afternoons!!


Friday, August 05, 2005


Yesterday I decided it was time to get my eyebrows waxed. So I went to this Asia place on my lunch break and when I walked in I told them why I was there and the nice gentleman up front sent me to the back of the place. Here is how it went from there...

employee: go to the room
me: waiting for her to come in
employee: you need lip done?
me: no eyebrows
employee: lip?
employee: ok, lay down

so she's looking and starts to put HOT wax on my eyebrows and then rips it off along with a layer of skin, or so it felt that way.

employee: so you going to get your lip done?
me: NO
employee: you should do your lip
me: no I'm not interested, I've heard it really hurts!!

so the Biotch keeps pressing me and I keep telling her NO WAY!! Next thing I know I feel her putting hot wax on my lip. Oh I was sooooooo pissed. But at that point there was nothing I could do about her taking it upon herself to wax my lip after I expressed to her that I did not want it done. So needless to say my face was red the rest of the day and I was pissed. But what's done is done!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I'm back...

I can't believe it has been a week since I posted. I went to check my emails and had a ton of them. I have no idea how I am ever going to catch up. I just need to sit in front of the computer for a full day and maybe I will be able to get back on track.

Life has just seemed so crazy lately. I weekend was long but fast, if that makes any since. Oh and very tiring!! And know the week is just flying by, which I don't mind at all!! I can't wait until the weekend, maybe I can get someone to watch the baby for a few hours so I can get some extra sleep in, I am sooo lazy!!! Well it's getting late so I am going to hit the sack and cross my fingers that the little guy sleeps through the night!!